Discipline Master: Episode 1

Free Demo

Give the game a try in this free demo.
Includes an introduction to the storyline campaign and three corporal punishment sessions.

for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
* * * Windows XP and Macs Cannot Run This Game * * *
Requires XNA Framework (see below)

Easy Installer
Easy Installer
Recommend for most users: download it, run it and follow the on screen prompts to install the demo.

Contains the demo in a zip archive. Extract the zip archive and start the demo using the dm-ep1-demo.exe file.

Important Information – XNA Framework Requirement

Regardless of your choice - the Discipline Master: Episode 1 demo requires that the Microsoft XNA Framework 4.0 be installed on your computer.

* * * The demo will not run without the framework installed. * * *

If you do not have it already – you can download and install it for free from Microsoft at:

If the you are unable to use the above link -
you can also download the XNA Framework directly from us by clicking here.