Candidate Downloads

You must have already purchased Discipine Master: Candidate to download the game here. When prompted enter the username and password you received at purchase time download.

First time playing? We strongly recommend reading the release notes on the community forum.

Need help downloading and/or running the game?
You bought the game - we want you to enjoy it! Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance:

Android (Beta)

Click the icon to download (1.5 GB) apk installer file. Once downloaded run the file to install the game.

(Note: As DMC is distributed outside of the Google Play store you may need to enable installation of apps from external sources on your device. The exact procedure of doing this varies by device, but typically the option can be found under Settings -> Security. )


Click the icon to download (3.8 GB). Extract the ZIP file and start the game via dmc.exe


Please read these instructions carefully and follow exactly.
Sadly Apple continues to make launching non-app store applications more difficult:

1. Click the Mac icon and download the dmc.dmg file (3.8 GB)
2. When the download is complete, open the download folder.
3. Double click the dmc.dmg file to mount it.
4. In the window that has popped open drag the dmcGame icon to Applications in Finder.
5. Open up Applications in Finder.
6. Double click on the dmcGame icon.

7. A warning stating “dmcGame cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified" will appear. Click cancel.
8. Control click the dmcGame icon and click open from the menu. This time you will be given a warning and a choice to open the application. Click open.


Click the icon to download (3.8 GB). Extract the ZIP file and start the game via dmc.bin
(You may need to set dmc.bin to be executable in the properties)

( DMC is not officially supported on Linux and we are generally unable to provide and technical support for players on Linux systems. This is an unsupported build provided as strictly as a courtesy and was tested in-house against Ubuntu 20.10.)