Welcome to Discipline Master
Inspired by old school adventure games and old school discipline.
Become a spanker, spankee or both in this unique series of computer games.

The Discipline Master Story

Nearly a decade ago a few M/M spanking enthusiast friends observed a lack of any adult computer games with a focus on spanking and corporal punishment. One of them was an amateur 3D artist with a few programming classes under his belt...

This foundation would eventually turn into our first game when we released Discipline Master: Episode 1 ("DME1") in July 2018.

Two years later in October 2020 we introduced Discipline Master: Architect ("DMA") whose scripting system allowed for player created scenarios in addition to the official game content. The game was further expanded with the Staff Inspection add-on scenario in June 2021.

In November 2022 we released our third game: Discipline Master: Road Not Taken ("RNT"). It puts a particular emphasis on player choices.

Discipline Master: Monitor & Prefect ("M&P"), released in February 2023, is our most recent release. Players follow the adventures of a class monitor and prefect.

What's To Come

We currently have two announced titles in development:

Discipline Master: Candidate ("DMC") is scheduled for release in July 2023. DMC will see the player take the role of an aspiring school Discipline Master.

Discipline Master: Online ("DMO") is currently in early development. DMO will be an online game that allows players to interact, communicate, spank or be spanked by with others from around the world.