Discipline Master

Splintered Graduation

Coming July 2024

We are pleased to announce Discipline Master: Splintered Graduation ("DMSG").
DMGS will be the seventh and final game in the classic Discipline Master series.

DMSG Story:
Several weeks have passed since the events of Discipline Master Tales and graduation is here. As Bosco and Alex make their way to rehearsal they find that somehow time has splintered and the two find themselves jumping across different points in time of the Discipline Master saga.

Alex & Aiden:
DMSG is being produced in collaboration with Bottom Line Studios and will feature special appearances utilizing the talents of the BLS actors Alex Jaeger and Aiden Kim.

In this splintered timeline, BLS actors Alex and Aiden find themselves somehow transported into the Discipline Master game world. Appearing as seemingly legitimate students at CHI, they need to find their way out of the game... all while trying to make it through the unforgiving discipline gauntlet at CHI.

During part of the storyline Alex and Aiden will appear as playable and thrashable characters, looking as they do in real life alongside the denizens of the Discipline Master games.